INMETRO certification
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The certification of products, processes, services, management systems and personnel is, by definition, carried out by a third party, that is, an independent organization accredited by Inmetro to perform the conformity assessment of one or more of these objects.

When accrediting a certification body, INMETRO recognizes that it is competent to evaluate an object, based on rules preset, in most cases, by INMETRO itself.

Depending on the product, the production process, the characteristics of the raw material, economic aspects and the level of confidence required, among other factors, the certification model to be used is determined. The certification model is described in the Conformity Assessment Regulation or in the Technical Quality Regulations issued by INMETRO.


The most used models for certification of products are:

Ticket Certification Model 4 - Initial assessment consisting of tests on samples withdrawn from the manufacturer followed by periodic maintenance evaluation by collecting samples of the product in the factory and in trade, combined or alternately, to carry out conformity assessment activities. The Maintenance Evaluations have the purpose of verifying that the items produced after the original conformity attestation (issue of the Certificate of Conformity) remain in conformity. Maintenance may include periodic evaluation of the production process.

Ticket Certification Model 5 - Initial assessment consisting of tests on samples taken from the manufacturer, including quality management system audit, followed by periodic maintenance evaluation through sample collection of the product in the factory and / or in the commerce, to carry out conformity assessment activities. The Maintenance Evaluations have the purpose of verifying that the items produced after the original conformity attestation (issue of the Certificate of Conformity) remain in conformity. Maintenance includes the periodic evaluation of the production process, or the auditing.


There are two types of certification, within the Brazilian System of Conformity Assessment: Voluntary or Compulsory Certifications.

Ticket The Voluntary certifications are those in which the company defines whether or not to certify its product, and according to the provisions of a technical standard, from the benefits that identifies that certification can bring to your business.

Ticket The Compulsory certifications are those where a regulation determines that the company can only produce / market a product after it has been certified.

In both cases, an INMETRO ordinance defines the mandatory requirements to be followed by all companies that produce a product, as well as the deadlines that the company will have to comply with the regulation.

The first step, then, is to find out if there is a certification applicable to your product, and whether this certification is compulsory or voluntary. The list of products covered by the Conformity Assessment Program developed by Inmetro can be found on the institute website at the following links:

Ticket Products with Voluntary Certification:

Ticket Products with Compulsory Certification:


After confirming the existence of a certification program for your product and determining whether it is compulsory or voluntary, the next step is to assess whether the qualifying company meets the requirements for certification.

The next step is to hire a Product Certification Body (Organismo de Certificação de Produto - OCP) accredited by CGCRE to carry out the certification process for its product, and if tests are required, hire a CGCRE accredited testing laboratory to perform the certification tests.

E3Tech's commitment is to reduce deadlines and costs for our customers.

Through this constant search, we have formed partnerships throughout the more than 15 years of activity in this segment that allow us to affirm that this is possible. Due to the great volume and constant demand that E3Tech has with OCPs and Laboratories, we have achieved different terms, prices and commercial conditions for our customers.

E3Tech has partnerships with the best laboratories and certifiers in the market and manages to offer the best price and the shortest time available in the market. In addition, it has a highly qualified technical staff, which solves all kinds of problems to make the certification task something simple.

In addition, the Object Registration (Registro do Objeto) it may be required to, which is a relatively new service in INMETRO, performed as of January 2010, as determined in the Conmetro Resolution nº 5, of May 6, 2008. The Object Registration covered by this act shall be made to the extent that the Ordinances approving the Conformity Assessment Requirements (Requisitos de Avaliação da Conformidade - RAC) are published.

Further information regarding the object registration can be obtained from:


Source: www.inmetro.gov.br, accessed on 10-Jan-2017.


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